The Journey Before The Journey–Begins.

As I write this entry, the preliminaries for The Annual Lenten Adventure are well in-hand. Most of the requisite pages/activities have been formulated:

3 Groups

5 Forums

11 Static Items

32 Images

The Adventure Book (blank)

The overall theme came before the adventure itself: “Let Lent LIVE!”

A request for a graphics pack was sent to my two top choices for graphics artists at wdc. One was too busy, and the other came through like a champ. When I saw the original design, the adventure just started spilling itself over in my brain. All I had to do now was connect the dots, advertise like crazy, and shoot for a minimum of 100 adventurers to share the experience. I don’t know why that number seems to be the goal, it just came as clearly as did the theme. I rest easy with that, knowing that Dad Guides, and He alone Provides for all I do. This is His work; I am just the typist. We will build to scale for the number who subscribe to the Adventure, knowing that all who should be there will be.

The preparation of this Adventure is timely for a couple of reasons, yet miracles are already being seen, even in the preparation. I am having some rather serious health issues which could potentially require heart surgery, even before the Adventure begins. So, to cover that contingency, I have to somehow “auto load” a sufficient number of activities to cover any absence. If necessary, I will have to assign the daily tasks to someone else for a time, while I recuperate. Sara will be my fingers, reading to me the ongoing work of the adventurers. Here is the banner for The Annual Lenten Adventure–2011 Edition!  “Let Lent LIVE!”

Our Logo

Let Lent LIVE!

God and I have an agreement. He is driving the boat. My job is to enjoy the scenery. There is one truth about each of our “Grand Adventures” which are presented. We never know how we will be getting from the starting point to the conclusion, but we do know those two things. For instance, this particular adventure will begin at the River Jordan, where John baptizes Jesus, marking the beginning of his earthly ministry. We will conclude as Christ, now crucified, ascends into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God, the Father.

God has a way of prompting me, one step at a time. The graphics pack were one strong such prompt. For me, the theme given to me did not become crystal clear until I saw this graphic banner. Now, I know the “impact statement” of the Adventure clearly, and see how it will be used, regardless of the steps the adventurers take.

I have already written in excess of 20,000 words, without the first word of the actual adventure itself being written. This is a huge undertaking for me. Of course, it is a lot larger than my capabilities could ever hope to pull off. That’s perfect to me, because that means it must truly be a “God-Sized” task. Tasks of such proportion require them to be “God-Directed” as well. Yet, in all of my life I have always seen God Guide where God Provides. I need not understand it; I just must remain alert to it. I get no vote, and my opinion means little here. My job is to make my Heavenly Dad visible to every adventurer, and myself completely invisible. That’s my task. It takes just a ton of work to do something of this magnitude, and there is little currently in the way of “helping hands”, save a couple. My friend Winnie Davis is voluntarily helping me to edit some of the major pages, as they become visible. She was an adventurer on a previous event, and fulfilled that role dramatically. God has seen fit to allow her to accompany me on the preparation of this journey, as well. She is so very good as an Editor. I hope to be worthy of sharing her talent for a very long time. The other amazing hand on the plow is my friend Kim, who has done the graphics. This is for her a first.  On the one hand, it is just another graphics order. On the other, Kim has purchased with her gifts of the graphics we will use into the concept of the Grand Adventures, and is a fellow adventurer who will help me create the signposts, guide markers, and complete finish of the event in the Certificates of Award, Completion, etc.

At first I had a problem with the graphics in the lack of identification of this particular adventure. This is The Annual Lenten Adventure–2011 Edition!Let Lent LIVE!“. Looking at it from a composition/perspective reality, that’s just a ton of ‘stuff’ to put on a banner. Secondly, it is the image of the created banner that speaks the volumes to those who would notice. I know this will be a unique event! There won’t be another one like it. So, it is good there is a decided lack of unique identity here. I come to love this work more with each viewing. Somehow, I know Dad is all over it. That is just one of the miraculous confirmations that always accompany a Grand Adventure.  I believe that with all my “broke down sinner” self.

I am finalizing the major pages and other activities the Adventure will require. The first day of the official adventure will be March 7th, 2011. The final day will be Easter Sunday, April 24th, 2011.  One of the major problems is the effective advertising of the Grand Adventure to the home community at wdc.  The Adventure has received a generous donation specifically for advertising. We have also received a generious donation for scholarships to pay other adventurer’s way into the activity. I have requested that all confirmed adventurers display their custom participant’s badge in their signatures on-site. I am also advertising the event on other writing homes that I have. Sadly to say, of the 177 members of the sponsoring groups on wdc, not one single new adventurer has joined as of this writing. That is an entirely different writing, for another place. I continue to pray that those would come, and commit to the adventure. But, my only prayer of purpose is that no person who should be here will stay away, however Dad might bring them. This is His place. He abides in this work. He will perform His perfect will within and for each and every adventurer–and that is sufficient.

And, the work continues.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Bud Fields

Adventure Leader